Web Privacy with P3P

By Lorrie Faith Cranor


Lorrie Faith Cranor has written many papers and articles about P3P and related privacy topics. Here are some of her papers that are available online.

Lorrie Faith Cranor, Serge Egelman, Steve Sheng, Aleecia M. McDonald, and Abdur Chowdhury. P3P Deployment on Websites. To be published in Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 2008.

J. Tsai, S. Egelman, L. Cranor, and A. Acquisti. The Effect of Online Privacy Information on Purchasing Behavior: An Experimental Study. Paper presented at the Workshop on the Economics of Information Security, June 7-8, 2007, Pittsburgh, PA.

L. Cranor, P. Guduru, and M. Arjula. User Interfaces for Privacy Agents. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, June 2006, pp 135-178.

J. Gideon, S. Egelman, L. Cranor, and A. Acquisti. Power Strips, Prophylactics, and Privacy, Oh My! In Proceedings of the 2006 Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security, 12-14 July 2006, Pittsburgh, PA.

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An Analysis of P3P Deployment on Commercial, Government, and Children's Web Sites as of May 2003. Technical Report prepared for the 14 May 2003 Federal Trade Commision Workshop on Technologies for Protecting Personal Information. (with S. Byers and D. Kormann)

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Help! IE6 is blocking my cookies! O'Reilly Network. October 2002.

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Web Privacy with P3P
by Lorrie Faith Cranor
with Foreword by Lawrence Lessig
September 2002
O'Reilly & Associates
ISBN 0-59600-371-4
344 pages, $39.95

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