Web Privacy with P3P

By Lorrie Faith Cranor


Lorrie Faith Cranor is frequently invited to give presentations on P3P. She has developed an extensive collection of PowerPoint slides that she uses in her presentations. Several slide sets are available for download from this web site. They may be used as is or incorporated into other presentations as long as their source is properly acknowledged. These slides are also a good way to introduce the material in Web Privacy with P3P to classes that use the book as a text.

P3P in one slide - A quick overview of P3P suitable for a two-minute mention of P3P in a presentation that focuses on another topic.

Introduction to P3P - A good way to introduce P3P to both technical and non-technical audiences in about 30 minutes. Covers similar material to Chapter 1 in Web Privacy with P3P. Remove some of the slides for a shorter presentation.

What Companies Need to Know About P3P - Includes all of the material in an Introduction to P3P plus basic information about cookies and some additional slides. This presentation is good for both corporate policy makers and attorneys, as well as web site developers who may be tasked with P3P-enabling a web site. It takes an hour to cover this material well, but I keep getting asked to give this presentation in 45 minutes (which requires skipping over a few slides).

Web Privacy with P3P tutorial - Part I: The Online Privacy Landscape - Suitable as a stand alone 1-hour presentation or as part of a 3-hour tutorial. Covers material from Chapters 2 and 3 of Web Privacy with P3P.

Web Privacy with P3P tutorial - Part II: P3P - A fairly technical tutorial on P3P. Includes a brief history of P3P, detailed information on P3P-enabling a web site, and a discussion of P3P software and possible P3P extensions. Covers material from chapters 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 12 of Web Privacy with P3P. It takes at least 2 hours to cover this material.

Web Privacy with P3P
by Lorrie Faith Cranor
with Foreword by Lawrence Lessig
September 2002
O'Reilly & Associates
ISBN 0-59600-371-4
344 pages, $39.95

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